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About US

About Gar Leather

Gar Deri Tekstil (Gar Leather Textile) firm was established on the production and sales in leather industry in Sefaköy/Istanbul in 1986. The Company aims at addressing the sectoral requests in the most proper way both in Turkey and in the world with its understanding feeling the pulse of fashion everyday and integrating it to the production through its ethical business model based on production and strong foundations prevalent since the foundation.
The bare proof of the quality of Gar Deri’s products is the leather importers in many countries in the world to which we import our products, besides the official entities registering our quality. Today, we have many importars in many places including USA and many points in Europe. Among the target markets on which Gar Deri intesified we may list UK, Germany, Netherlands, England, Denmark and Norway all of which consider the quality above all.
The annual production capacity of the Firm is about 20.000 units including leather jackets, leather pants, leather skirts etc. The Firm also serves leather as skin, cutted leather accessory (sleeves, badges etc.) to the world wide wellknown textile companies. All of the production conducted in-house and tanning process of the raw leathers is realized in the tannary of the Firm in Çorlu/Tekirdağ in accordance with the requests of the clients.